The Panghea’s quality

Management has put forward the following Quality Policy aimed at offering the customer a high quality and personalized product, to fully meet at the same time customer’s expectations and Panghea requirements of internal economy.

Some basic guidelines:

Ability to perceive and identify with high accuracy requirements of the customer;

Ensure a high safety degree on the product through implementation of proper controls;

The skills needed to identify and resolve crisis situations that could affect the product sold;

Ensure the best quality service to customers (fulfil agreed delivery schedules, accuracy and speed of responses, courtesy, proper technical support, etc.);

Ensure that it is recognized by customers fair remuneration;

Ensure increasing effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes in order to provide resources for investment;

Ensure steady updating of technological resources related to essential processes.

Panghea has always paid great attention to quality of raw materials by monitoring each step of the production system, from raw material provision up to delivery to customer. This is possible thanks to our certifications, that allow us to steadily control the quality of our products with a strict analysis plan and thanks to the annual audit at our suppliers, that allows us to be always aware of the production methods and thus secure about the origin of our products.

This Quality Policy involves the whole staff and executives, and therefore the Management is committed to acknowledge everybody in the company about this policy.  The Quality Policy and its targets are reviewed and  updated from time to time by the Management, during relevant periodical reviews.