Microlam® is produced with the best Hi quality Guar germ.
A proprietary technique of Lamination and Micronization of germ flour brings to Microlam®, fit to substitute higher quality protein concentrates.

Due to an improved technology, our Microlam® contains up to 60% of protein.  Microlam® is palatable and highly digestible protein source it is the ideal solution for the diet of young animals. Furthermore, it is a highly concentrated protein source for aquaculture, ideal to replace a part of animal proteins.


Product Specification:

Physical state Powder
Color white

Chemical composition (% DM):

Moisture 3.0±2
Protein 60.0±3
Fat 8.0±2
Fiber 4.0±2
Ash 5.0±2

Nutritional benefits:

  • Excellent protein source;
  • Higher percentage of Crude Protein (CP);
  • Higher Digestibility Percent (>98%);
  • Higher Energy content and fat percentage;
  • 100% GMO Free
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