About guar meal

Panghea serves in the animal feed market paying a special attention in proposing innovative and sustainable raw materials. Sustainable crop production means growing or raising food in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner. This includes adhering to agricultural and food production practices that do not harm the environment, that provide fair treatment to workers and that support and sustain local communities. We want to offer only sustainable raw materials coming from a value chain that works on quality and continuous improvement of social and environmental performance, in order contribute to a sustainable imprinting of animal feeding.


Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) belongs to legumes family, which grows in semi-arid and sub-tropical areas of the East/South-East of Pakistan and North/North-West of India; Guar can grow in poor quality soils without any nitrogen fertilizers and irrigation, as it is extremely drought resistant.

Guar Meal is the by-product obtained processing Guar Seed. The endosperm contains the gum, which is extracted from seeds during dry milling by mechanical separators. Guar endosperm (mainly mannogalactan) is used mostly as emulsifier, thickener and stabilizer in food and oil industries.

Guar Meals are thermally treated (steamed and roasted) in order to remove any antinutritional and to increase digestibility and palatability. These processes make Guar meals a by-product suitable for feed consumption as a protein concentrate raw material.

Discover our products:

Guar 50 PFR®
Guar 50 PFR® is composed of hull and germ.
Guar 60 PF®
Guar 60 PF® ® is composed mainly of germ part of Guar seed.
Guar 70 PFR®
Guar 70 PFR® is composed by Guar pure germ.
Microlam® is produced with the best Hi quality Guar germ.