Natural Innovation

After 20 years of experience in the field of raw materials for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in 2005 “Panghea Natural and Chemical Innovation” shifts attention towards the market of animal feed with the aim of contributing to the research and development of new food resources, never losing sight of the primary concepts of Health and Sustainability.


Nature to the animals

With the continuous changes in the habits and dietary needs of the population and greater attention being paid to the choice of food, protein contents and nutritional values, farmers concentrate their energies in finding new ingredients to feed their animals in a healthier and sustainable way.

Consequently, manufacturers of animal feed industry aim to achieve, with their researches, the optimum nutritional value for their products.
Panghea, as a leading supplier of raw materials for feed on the international market, places itself at the first step of this chain and is always committed to conducting any business activity in full compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

In the last ten years, Panghea has been producing, importing from India and distributing in Europe the Guar protein, which turned out to be a very interesting and effective product and to interchange with similar but more expensive vegetable raw materials.

Recently Panghea has expanded the research, involving new products and new cultivations in different countries of origin, starting to producing and supplying a wider range of innovative and sustainable protein-based nutritional solutions.

With the aim of offering only sustainable raw materials, coming from a value chain that works on quality and continuous improvement of social and environmental performance, we take responsibility for our actions and expect our partners to do the same.


Panghea Sustainability Value Chain Policy

For a long time Panghea has been developing specific programs related to environmental issues. Since September 2015, we decided to share our commitment for the respect of the ecosystem, implementing a series of “good practices” to minimize the environmental impact and rationalizing the use of natural resources.

Panghea's Quality Policy

Management has put forward the following Quality Policy aimed at offering the customer a high quality and personalized product, to fully meet at the same time customer’s expectations and Panghea requirements of internal economy.